Week of 08/30

Hey I didn’t abandon this. I just moved and I havent been able to set up internet.

There was a lot of considerable bad things this week but I’m focusing on the good things:

  • I moved closer to school
  • I don’t have to get yelled at at work because I’m a part timer now
  • My boyfriend financed a car finally.
  • I got my dog a new leash
  • I met someone new
  • I got a lot of things unpacked

Life’s Wake Up Call

I’ve had too much to do this weekend that I didn’t have time to study.

This weekend I heard of a person who was going to move into a shed. My parents were able to install some electricity/air conditioning but the bathroom was still not finished. The person’s parent had died and he was living with his sister paying $500 then she jumped it to $800 the next month. He couldn’t afford it. Now he has had to resort to living in a shed with no bathroom to do his necessities. The boy is only 18.

My parents are helping him in some way. They helped build the whole shed and the person who owns it won’t charge him until November. But no matter what, how can anyone hear this and not feel like their heart has broken a little? To know that this happens to ordinary people and even worse sometimes. I am lucky for all the I have been given. Even though I am in a place where I don’t know what to believe in (God or good). I just hope that this boy’s future will be better.

Its moments like these where you have to look at your life and stop blaming the world and realize that your life is not as bad as it seems. That you can pick yourself up and keep going. I know someone who is affected by cancer and he wakes up extra early every morning and he comes to work so that he can leave early for his treatments. I know that this post isn’t going to have tags but if you are reading this I hope you take this as a wake up call. Sometimes we forget how lucky we are. Its okay to be stressed or sad or angry at your problems but don’t let it consume you. This goes for me as well.

Good Things~ Week 09/16/2016

I decided to do these weekly.

I was able to connect to a lot of friends this week. Progress!

It’s hard to explain but knowing that you have people there feels amazing. Even if its family or if its friends.

I was able to get some boxes for moving.

An ex co worker/ friend of mine helped me out this week from the kindness of her heart and that was truly awesome.

I spent some time with my mom and my sister.

I bought a new case for my macbook and I bought myself my only pair of earring I have right now. ( I might post a picture of both next week)

I get to save this paycheck🙂

I bought my sister’s baby shower gift.

I am starting part-time this Monday.

I found out that Yankee Candle helps with non-profit fundraising.

I am helping a friend create her Facebook account.😮

There was a lot of good this week. I’m not going to tag these posts btw.


Good things (Week 09/09/2016)

  • I am going to move to part-time in 2 weeks and therefore have more time to do what I need to do.
  • I get to use the boxes from my job to pack up to move to my nana’s house.
  • I went to Boca Beauty to broaden my horizons and even though it won’t be possible for me to attend this semester it is still a possibility.
  • I watched Don’t Breathe. It was really good in my opinion.
  • I met someone new from Boca Beauty, they were really nice.
  • A friend came back to Florida which means it’s an opportunity for us to hang out and talk.
  • I cooked a new chicken recipe this week.
  • I got complimented on my outfit the day I have the appointment with Boca Beauty

What I am going to do?

I’m an old lady trapped in the body of a young lady. I don’t have instagram but I’m going to get one so that I can post photos of my nail designs so that people will want me to do their nails. It’s a hobby.

I’m going to make random conversation with strangers. Obviously, cautious though on who I am going to meet.

I’m going to contact old friends and stay in contact with my family even if they don’t want me to talk to them.

I’m going to study and save money and do what I want. I’m no longer going to feel sorry for myself.

I won’t promise you anything anymore but I will try my best to write good things that happened in this blog.

Who am I?


These are the basic questions:

Who am I? …..and… Is that person a good person?

  • I get stressed easily
  • I don’t have friends
  • My family isn’t really loving and supportive
  • I get pushed over.
  • I don’t study what I want to study.
  • I argue with my boyfriend
  • I work at a job that treats me like crap
  • I support myself
  • Most importantly….I feel sorry for myself.

I shouldn’t feel sorry for myself. I should be happy with all that I have accomplished.

  • I should calm down and find ways to solve my problem. What is done is done. Now its only time to fix things
  • Every day is chance to meet new people
  • Yeah my family isn’t loving or supportive but it doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t be loving or supportive
  • I shouldn’t let myself get pushed over because I know who I am and I know how to make good decisions and it’s not like someone will physically touch me.
  • I don’t know what I want to study but that doesn’t mean I’m going to sit and do nothing. I will get my degree. So what if I can’t study in Boca Beauty Academy because I won’t be able to study for anything? I won’t stop dong what I love. Life is about prioritizing and even though school is important. I should be able to be happy.
  • If my boyfriend doesn’t feel the need to hang out with me than that’s okay. I’ll just find people who do.
  • I’m currently moving to someone’s house to get help financially so that’s a change.
  • I will no longer feel sorry for myself because that will only limit that awesomeness I can achieve. People are unfortunately worse off than I am.

Stinky feet are stepping all over me

We’ve all had our fair share of stinky feet. I’m not talking about the ones you get when you’ve been working hard all day. I’m talking about those stinky personalities that tend to think they are so much better than you so they just walk all over you.

I am those kind of people that gets stepped on. I am introverted and not that confident and I am soft spoken. The list can go on and on but I’m going to show you ways to prevent or stop this from happening.


  • Talk loud and annunciate properly (avoid stuttering) this makes your words sound confident and firm.
  • Try to have good posture. Avoid slouching
  • If someone is talking to inappropriately you can say ” Could you please treat me the way you would like to be treated” or ” Please talk to me when you have calmed down”.
  • “I am treating you with respect and I want to be treated with the same respect”.
  • Eye contact is always important
  • Don’t be afraid to say no
  • Don’t be afraid in general because you have God by your side. Just behave the way Jesus would.