1 Year Anniversary

My one year anniversary is coming up. I’m very anal; wanting things to turn out perfect and as planned but I think I’ve hit “fuck it”. I’m no longer going to continue thinking about it especially because it’s a month away. My boyfriend has been good about coming up with something last minute. Honestly, what could go wrong……


Well if anything does go wrong. I have taken the next day off to make up for it. 😉


I think the same will go for my birthday. I’ve been so worried about having people come that I wasn’t thinking about what was good for me and what would make ME happy.


Free Traveling


The video is so you can formulate your own opinion but…

I don’t completely like the idea of free travel


  • I’m a type A personality. I’m a control freak.

I can’t be comfortable not knowing what I will eat, where I will sleep, how will I get somewhere.

….I guess you need that carefree adventurous attitude.

  • I can’t depend on the good will of others.

I’ve learned in life to do things for myself. I don’t really trust people.

But I’m probably just afraid.


Tip 2| Habits and Pet Peeves

They say you only truly know someone when you live with them…

I agree.

Battling what side to sleep on….

Keeping a trash can in the bathroom….

Room in the closet….

We all go through it at some point

  • Keep an open mind
  • Compromise because you love each other and want each other to feel comfortable
  • Communicate anything that bothers you and know when to give in a little



Tip 1| Week of Moving in

1| Financial Stability

…is important when moving in.

And here is why:

  • Dual-income vs. Sole income. If you are currently unemployed or are studying towards your career you might be expecting for their to be one bread winner. Communication is key. There are a lot of dual-income households because in this day-in-age, one income is just not enough to live comfortably.


  • Separating bills before moving in. Agreeing on who is responsible for what bill eliminates awkward conversations and last minute scramming. Key word: Agreeing.


  • Who earns more? 50/50 is not always the best route to go. Typically, if someone is earning considerably more than another then they should try to pitch in a little more. Why? Because that way you both can have spending money and be able to save.


  • Joint accounts vs. Individual accounts. This is all a matter of opinion and which you prefer. Honestly, I would probably do both; keep an individual account but open a joint one. Humans go through many relationships throughout their lives so having your own account can help you have a net when worst case scenario happens.


  • Ways to save money!Image result for light bulb idea gif1. Changing to energy efficient light bulbs.2. Cooking/Meal Prepping

    3. Getting a water filter system (Ex. Brita)

    4. Building good habits ( Ex. Turning off the lights or eating leftovers first)

    5. Clip coupons/Use money savings apps